A former client of ours was married to a man who claimed that the client/Wife had a spending problem.  As the case progressed toward trial, the Husband went through 3 years of bank statements and made lists of expenditures he wanted to “attribute” to the wife’s spending problem.

We carefully reviewed the bank statements and all other relevant financial documents ourselves and discovered that the Husband’s claim that his Wife spent money unnecessarily on herself was without justification. In fact, our review showed that although the Wife made almost 100% of the deposits to the savings account, from her earnings (tens of thousands of dollars) the Husband withdrew in cash nearly as much money as the Wife had deposited into the savings account.

Our review of the couple’s checking accounts compared to the list we received from the Husband showed that the Husband attributed all pet expenses (the Husband took the pets), groceries, medical expenses, household expenses to the Wife and even included his haircuts in his lists of the “Wife’s spending”.

This careful review of financial records surprised the Husband’s attorney, changed the Husband’s cocky attitude, and helped the Wife recognize who really spent the dollars.  This detailed preparation included numerous Exhibits supporting our position and led to a settlement favorable to the Wife on the day of trial. The hard factual evidence had the added effect of freeing the wife of the misplaced guilt she had been carrying due to the husbands constant false but effective insistence that she was solely responsible for their financial troubles.

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