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Custody and Visitation Modification

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Modifying Court Orders in Medford Massachusetts

It is not uncommon to find that a father’s income increases faster after a divorce than the income of a custodial mother whose energy is directed at raising children. It is also not uncommon for a child to change households or a former spouse to remarry. Is it worth taking your child custody, child support or spousal support case back to court? In many cases, it is.

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Custody and Visitation Modification

Child custody may need modification for many reasons, including:

  • Parental visitation changes due to changes in employment, schooling or another major event
  • Changes to the child’s living environment such as one parent’s abuse of drugs, promiscuity or physical abuse
  • Move-aways/parental relocation: If the custodial parent would like to relocate a significant distance away from the noncustodial parent, a specific petition must be made to the court and child custody may be changed.
  • Your child’s choice to move in with the noncustodial parent. This can affect child custody and child support and should be brought to the court’s attention.

Whatever your reasons to modify child custody or visitation rights, an experienced family lawyer can help you determine the next steps.

Child Support Modification

Many things can happen after a child support order or divorce decree is issued. There are often expenses associated with raising a child that were not clearly spelled out in the initial decree — such as college tuition — or extra expenses that must be settled up on a regular basis, such as medical or dental expenses. We can help you take your case to Family Court to receive payment for these expenditures.

In the case of college tuition, if your original decree stated that the parent would “contribute to the best of his/her ability,” we will try to show what that ability is so that your child can receive support and college assistance up to age 23 (if enrolled full-time in a post-secondary program).

New Child Support Guidelines

At the beginning of 2009, Massachusetts changed its child support guidelines. If your child support order is more than three years old, it may be modified so that the new guidelines apply to it. Contact us to learn how you may be affected by the changes.

Alimony/Spousal Support Modification

Our attorneys can also help you modify or terminate your court orders for alimony/spousal support. If the dependent party has developed the skills necessary to earn a living wage, either spouse has remarried or the spouse paying alimony has had a significant change in employment, original spousal support amounts might be unreasonable.

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