Experienced Attorneys for Paternity Matters

Child Support & Paternity Cases

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Experienced Attorneys for Paternity Matters

In Massachusetts, issues dealing with children born out of wedlock and the formal establishment of the child’s parentage are litigated through the Paternity Department of the Probate & Family Court. Our family law attorneys at the Law Office of Kevin P. O’Malley, P.C., are experienced, effective and empathetic in handling all aspects of paternity cases.

Whether it is finding and prosecuting an absent father to establish his duty to support his child, establishing a father’s paternity rights or securing medical insurance for the child, we will approach the matter with as much intensity and vigor as our client dictates.

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Child Support & Paternity Cases

Child support in paternity cases is different from marital child support cases in that the support order can be ordered retroactively back to prenatal costs. Thus if the child is three years old, the order could include three years of back child support and a portion of the mother’s medical costs related to the bearing and delivery of the child.

Our attorneys have represented clients on all aspects of these matters. Both Attorney O’Malley and Attorney Harris-Baker have experience in local, national and international cases dealing with child support, custody, legal removal and illegal removal from the United States. Please review our case examples to learn more.

Fulfilling Your Child’s Needs

We can help you establish and implement child support, health insurance coverage, visitation/parenting time and grandparent visitation plans, regardless of where the respective parties or children live, efficiently and economically.

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