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Operating a Vehicle Under The Influence in Massachusetts
Medford DUI Lawyer

The Law Office of Kevin P. O’Malley is your family law firm in the Medford, Massachusetts area. Whatever legal service your family needs—from criminal defense on OUI/DWI charges to representation before the Merit Rating System Board of Appeals, we have an attorney who can handle your case.

If you’ve been charged with drunk driving, contact our office immediately for quick representation. You have a limited time to respond to the criminal and administrative charges against you.

With the passage of Melanie’s Law in October of 2005, Massachusetts has increased the penalties and sanctions for all levels of OUI convictions. This legislation:

  • Made it more difficult to get a hardship license
  • Increased penalties for refusing the breath test
  • Lowered the BAC that results in penalties, for people under age 21
  • Required an Ignition Interlock Device after a second offense for drivers with a hardship license and drivers eligible for license reinstatement on any vehicle you own, lease or operate
  • Added child endangerment penalties if a person under 14 is in the car

The penalties you face for drunk driving will vary depending upon your past drunk driving history, the charges you’re facing, and your age.

Typical penalties include a combination of license suspension/revocation, fines, driver re-training, jail time, access or denial of access to a work license or hardship license, and the ignition interlock device.

Ask a Medford DUI Lawyer at the Law Office of Kevin P. O’Malley for an explanation of the charges you’re facing. We’ve represented hundreds of clients facing charges for drunk driving, including those involved in drunk driving accidents that resulted in deaths.

Depending upon your particular circumstances, we may be able to help you avoid conviction, plead to a lesser charge, or get a work license or hardship license. Call us for immediate help.


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