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Massachusetts Juvenile Court Criminal Defense Lawyer

Massachusetts now conducts juvenile law matters in a completely separate court system, with specific judges and clerks. If your minor-age son or daughter, sixteen years or younger, has been or will potentially be charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime, and is scheduled to appear in juvenile court or before a clerk magistrate, your defense attorney will need to understand juvenile criminal defense law and the rules of juvenile court.

We provide juvenile criminal defense law services for parents, foster parents and guardians. Let us help your child protect a promising future.

The Law Office of Kevin P. O’Malley, P.C. offers experienced juvenile criminal law defense. Fighting a juvenile charge isn’t just about keeping your child off of probation now. It is about protecting a promising future. A conviction can mean future problems securing college funding, a job, and other government program benefits. A strong, effective defense requires experience. The Law Office of Kevin P. O’Malley has it.

We provide aggressive juvenile criminal defense law representation for cases involving:

  • Gang violence, assault
  • Underage drinking, alcohol violations
  • Drug possession and distribution
  • Vandalism
  • Truancy, curfew violations
  • Shoplifting, theft
  • Sexual assault, misconduct, statutory rape
  • OWI and other motor vehicle offenses

Juvenile crimes can lead to getting kicked out of school

If your minor-age son or daughter has been charged with a felony in Massachusetts, he or she can be suspended or expelled from a public school, and no other public school will be required to open their doors.

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