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The Quest for Fairness When People Separate or Dispute Ownership or Control

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The Quest for Fairness When People Separate or Dispute Ownership or Control

Not all legal disputes fit neatly into the legal system or court venues. For those matters or issues outside the pigeon holes of particularized courts there is the Equity Court. There are countless situations where equity court is necessary. When people decide to go their separate ways whether they share a bank account, lease or mortgage, a family business, a home, or property can be complicated.

Drawing upon more than 30 years of experience working in various Massachusetts courts, our family law attorneys can explore your legal options and pursue an effective solution.

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Dividing & Regaining Property

At The Law Office of Kevin P. O’Malley, P.C., our lawyers assist clients in obtaining fair and timely resolutions of equity division issues. We can help clients regain possession of a home, work tools and personal property through a series of legal actions in several different courts. We can also assist the elderly in estate matters, to ensure their wishes regarding their property are fulfilled and to protect them from manipulative family members.

Dividing Custody & Child Support

Child custody and child support are legal issues even if the child’s parents were never married. For representation in child support, shared custody or visitation/parenting time, or for assistance in modifying an existing court order, contact our family law attorneys. We can also help you in matters related to your child’s health insurance and grandparent visitation plans.

Dividing real and or personal property in unmarried situations can be complex and time-consuming without the assistance of a skilled family law attorney. Call The Law Office of Kevin P. O’Malley, P.C. or contact us online to find out how we can help in your family law matter.


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