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Child Support Establishment, Modification, Enforcement

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Massachusetts Child Support Lawyer

Under Massachusetts’s law, the parent who has custody of the child most of the time will usually receives child support. The amount of child support a parent pays or receives is based largely upon a predetermined calculation, but there are circumstances under which this calculation can be adjusted upward or downward.

Contact the Medford child custody lawyers at the Law Office of Kevin P. O’Malley to learn how the child support calculations might apply in your case. We believe that establishing an appropriate and fair level of child support payments is paramount.

Child Support Establishment, Modification, Enforcement

Our attorneys offer legal advice and representation for all matters relating to child support, including:

Child Support During Divorce

Under Massachusetts law, you must make sure your child support issues are settled correctly during the initial legal process.

In matters of divorce, the law does not allow someone to collect retroactive child support payments without a previous court order. In short, it is very important for you to request child support during the divorce if you want to collect everything to you may be entitled to. Upon filing for divorce, our law office immediately seeks temporary orders to establish child support.

Child Support Following Paternity Hearings

Mothers may bring paternity hearings in order to establish that someone is the father and should pay child support. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts may also bring a paternity/ child support hearing if the custodial parent has collected transitional assistance (welfare payments). In cases like these, mothers and the state may collect past amounts-due, including pregnancy costs.

There are important exceptions to these general practices. We work to establish temporary child support and reimbursement for past amounts due. Contact our law offices to discuss ways we can help you collect appropriate child support.


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