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Removal of a Child from Massachusetts

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Relocating With a Child / Removal of a Child from Massachusetts

When a parent decides to relocate and wants to bring the child along, it can be a difficult and contentious situation for everyone involved. If the non-relocating parent does not agree with the move, court permission for the relocation is often required.

Decisions affecting how much involvement you have in your child’s life can greatly influence your child’s future and your relationship for the rest of your lives.

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What Does the Court Consider?

The court considers many factors when making rulings on child relocations. The judge will want to know why a parent wants to make a move — if the parent is relocating due to remarriage, a job change or financial difficulties. Is spite, alienation or control an issue or factor? The court will also look at the current child custody arrangement and determine how much a relocation would change the current parenting plan.

The Best Interest of the Family

The “real advantage test” is the standard for all family law matters affecting removal of children from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This means that the totality of the family circumstances is taken into consideration in relocation decisions. The Court rationalized that after a divorce, the child’s subsequent relationship with both parents can never be the same…and the child’s quality of life and style of life are provided by the custodial parent. To read about one of our successful child relocation cases, visit our Case Examples page.

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