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Protecting Children's Rights in Custody Cases

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Protecting Children’s Rights in Custody Cases

Every parent understands the importance of placing their child’s best interest first. When child custody issues are involved in a family law matter, having an experienced attorney who advocates for you and your children can make a great deal of difference.

At the Law Office of Kevin P. O’Malley, our Medford child custody lawyers work hard to ensure that children’s needs are met through appropriate time and involvement with both of their parents.

Child Custody Decisions

Child custody and parenting time (or visitation) decisions are made at the same time. These are typically the most contentious areas of a divorce Your children matter to you. It is important to get it right the first time around.

When deciding child custody arrangements, the court will first look to any agreement that parents make together. Judges prefer to see a detailed parenting plan that spells out who has the children when, how the children should be exchanged, where the children will stay during vacations and other important details.

If you and the other party disagree about who should have custody of the children, the court will look at what arrangement will best benefit the children, whether it is with their father, mother or other relative.

Physical Custody and Legal Custody

Child custody orders have two important factors: physical custody and legal custody.

Legal custody is the ability to make medical, educational and religious decisions for your children. Physical custody determines where the children will live. If one parent spends more time taking care of the children, the court will probably order child support from the other parent.

You may share both legal and physical custody with another party (joint custody) or you may be given sole custody of your children based on what will benefit them the most. Contact our law firm to discuss which arrangement is best for you and your children.

Modifications to Court Orders

Situations change, parents relocate and children choose for themselves who they will live with and when. Our attorneys help parents take their case back to court for child custody modifications.

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