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A divorce or separation can be financially devastating. It may be impossible to match the quality of life you experienced with your combined income. Recognizing this reality, the family law court may order spousal support (alimony) when one spouse makes significantly more than the other.

Your attorney’s negotiation skills become extremely important when fighting for the right spousal support agreement. Contact the experienced negotiators at the Law Office of Kevin P. O’Malley for aggressive protection of your interests.

Factors Determining Spousal Support

Family law judges order spousal support during a divorce or after settlement negotiations. They consider many factors when determining alimony levels or whether spousal support should be ordered, including:

  • The length of the marriage and ages of the parties
  • Non-financial contributions of the dependent spouse during the marriage
  • The income of both spouses
  • The dependant spouse’s ability to earn income and education
  • The quality of life experienced during the marriage

Our divorce attorneys will evaluate your situation and whether or not you are likely to receive or pay alimony. Contact us for supportive representation of your needs.

Need vs. Ability to Pay

There are no hard-and-fast rules about appropriate levels of alimony. In general, the formula is quite simple and very vague: need vs. the ability to pay.

If you are the recipient of alimony, you must justify and establish your need. If you are the person paying alimony, this means that you will not be ordered to pay an amount that will reduce you to poverty, but your payments will level the playing field.

The amount of alimony and the length of time may be agreed to by the parties. A judge cannot order an end-date to alimony payments, but may later modify or end payments based on a material change in circumstances such as retirement or disability. Similarly, a judge may order temporary spousal support to give the dependent spouse time to increase their ability to earn income.

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